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'Anyone who tries to explore the vast repertoire of English country dance music takes on a colossal task. There are thousands of tunes and dances lying hidden in libraries around the country, and it takes time and patience to search them out, even if the seeker is able to get to them in the first place. Any publication which makes this job easier must be welcomed, and here in this book we have a fine selection of music from the period when English country dancing was in its hey-day. It will provide a delightful and useful addition to any musician's stock of tunes and will help to open up an area previously the precious reserve of the archivist. This was the popular music of its time, and never has the moment been riper to give it a new airing.'

John Kirkpatrick


'Thoroughly recommended'

Paul James (Blowzabella)


'These tunes, usually in triple time and with all manner of interesting rhythmic turns were once widespread and could well become popular again, as they are surely amongst the most exciting in traditional music when played well.'

Alistair Anderson


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